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My name is Reynaldo Aquino. I'm motion designer and a raw filmmaker based on El Salvador (yup, the smallest country in Central America). Currently I'm a design student at Don Bosco University and motion designer on The Lab Studio.

My objective is design experiences where the person can be part of the environment, find information according to the context and understand the functioning of a system. And encourage excitement to learn is the first step.

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These are some people that inspired me to give the best of me.


By Clavero. Photographer and filmmaker.

This video in particular to me is a reminder of hard work to reach goals.

How to make a film

By Dan Mace. Filmmaker and producer.

Dan is an amazing young producer. His content always is based on a message and that is what makes his productions so special. Is one of the most inspiring peoples to me.

My first year

By Peter McKinnon. Photographer and filmmaker.

Peter will make you feel full of energy. He gives me a dosis of inspiring pieces with wonderful landscapes and shots, of course his stories are amazing.

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