This short film was an experimental project working with green screens, keylight, visual effects (VFX) and sound effects. Of course we are not gonna win an Oscar for the VFX, but we really enjoyed doing this, was so funny.

  • Los Locos Film
Working time
  • 3 production day
  • 1 post-production month
  • Green Screens
  • Canon EOS T5
  • + Canon 18-55 mm lens
  • After Effects CC
  • Premiere Pro CC
  • Audition CC
  • Noé Argueta
  • Brenda Bautista
  • Diego Tenorio
  • Jairo Miranda
  • Celia Campos
  • Reynaldo Aquino


This project challenged us to create a short film involving visual and sound effects. The ideas came from airsoft short films and war movies. Cardboard Warfare 2 by Pwnisher bringed us inspiration and ideas to resolve this project.


I worked with the visual effects, deleting green screen, adding background and making a single composition between character videos and ambient scenes. My friend Diego Tenorio had an important roll making a track to this project, mixing sound fx, music and voices.

Don't forget B-Roll.
In film production, B-roll is an alternative footage intercut with the main shot. This technic was very useful to make a context about where the characters was.
In the film Amenaza we used short films from AiirSource Military on YouTube, and remember, these was done with academic purposes only.