Jello Slush

1 full day taking 700+ photos with little moves to create a 1:30 video. This was an amazing project to explain a recipe of a Jello Slush, a nice drink for summer.

  • Good Kid Filmmakers
Working time
  • 1 day to photos
  • 7 days on post-production
  • Premiere Pro CC
  • After Effects CC
  • Audition CC
  • EOS Utility
  • Camera DSLR
  • Carlos Gallegos
  • Diego Tenorio
  • Jairo Miranda
  • Brenda Bautista
  • Samantha Gonzales
  • Itzel Ramirez
  • Jeannette Rivas
  • Reynaldo Aquino


The inspiration came from a recipe from a Tipsy Bartender video, then we wanted to show the process with stopmotion technique to show the ingredients.


The process takes a lot of phases. Starting with the ingredients, until every recipe step and the composition of every photo to produce a video.

I really enjoyed doing this project with my squad.
An important thing that I learned doing stop motion was: BE PATIENT. Every move takes a few minutes to prepare and take the shot, but the final result makes the effort worthwhile.