El Mensaje

This is a short story animation, the idea was to share a usual situation by exagerin. Was a good project to learn Adobe Flash to animate frame by frame.

  • Personal
Working time
  • 3 months
  • Flash Player CS5
  • After Effects CS5
  • Audition CS5
  • Personal Project


Animation frame by frame is the old school method, the result of this large process is amazing. For this project I got inspired on this kind of animation, of course I used digital tools to recreate it.

Disney Clasic Animation


The process involved 3 phases. First, the making of the idea, concept art and storyboard. Second, digitalize all the characters and scenarios.

Third, was animate every scene, frame by frame. Finally sync sound effects with the final render.

Follow the rules (sometimes)
5 steps can sound easy, but trust me, was hard work. Of course, the result is amazing (thinking that every move was made digital) and I'm very proud of this short film animation.
Keeping into the rules of animation helped me to conclude this project. Was an amazing experience before Adobe Flash came out of the market.