Shelf is a shared retail space and community for makers, The Lab Studio designed the branding to this cool project. I had the opportunity to bring life to the brand with some animations.

  • Shelf
Working time
  • 1 week (animating and adapting)
  • Brand sources
  • After Effects CC
  • Encoder CC
  • The Lab Studio
  • Naty Perla
  • Erick Chévez
  • Reynaldo Aquino


Shelf needed to show to their clients a friendly brand, and the animation was the way to show a living brand. My friend Erick illustrated amazing stamps, and that was the starting point.


Animating the logo was the second step after the stamps, for this I used some scripts to improve the flow animation, and get a smooth move of the lamp when the light turns on. Of course, mix sound effects help to involve the viewer in the ambient.

Natural flow.
Smooth flow in animation sometimes is essential to make the viewer feel in an environment that they already know, for his brain this will be a natural movement.
If you mix this natural flow with sound effects you can get an amazing ambient with a couple frames.