Yo Vendo Recarga is a recent project into salvadorian technology markets. The app makes possible to sell Air Time for Mobile Operators in Latin America. In a step to involve new users, they add Zelle to transfer money and then sell it like air time by their users.

  • GlobalPay Solutions
Working time
  • 3 days (animation)
  • Brand sources
  • After Effects CC
  • Encoder CC
  • Animation Composer
  • GlobalPay Solutions Marketing team
  • Reynaldo Aquino (team member)


Make it easy.
I was worked with this amazing company a few time in the past. For this project they needed show to their new users how to use Zelle app to connect with them. The tutorial summarizes in 4 steps all the process to make a transaction between Zelle and Yo Vendo Recarga.
The tutorial shows the essentials to the user. The animation helps to show information in a new way, making it attractive to learn a new tool, being a support to written information.
Mister Horse (animation composer) was really helpful to aceleratte the process.